The EBEacademy Seminar


Professional Business Writing



There are no academic prerequisites for the EBE Academy business writing course; however, fluency in English including basic composition skills are necessary.

This course is designed for fully fluent English speaking individuals. It is not an ESL (English as a Second Language) course. The intent behind this course is to enhance existing business writing skills.

Our standard business writing course consists of four three-hour sessions with a minimum of four writing assignments to be submited online weekly.

Each participant will receive one-to-one instruction and review of each assignment submitted.

good writing is good business

Business Writing seminar: course components

Essential Business English Academy instructors are certified teachers with professional credentials: degrees in English and Education; experience in adult education; college-level Business English course teaching experience; membership in The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT); membership in The Assocaition of Business Communication (ABC).

Each seminar participant receives a complimentary copy of The Essential Handbook for Business Writing, The EBE Skills Book, and additional learning materials. Over 30 business writing samples in the text are analyzed, and many of these can function as direct templates.

The seminar is made up of classroom-style group lessons with interactive analyses of writing samples and assignments, a comprehensive review of writing basics, hands-on activities, and one-to-one instruction.

Creates learning objectives that meet a client’s needs

     Provides a learning atmosphere conducive

to adult learning

     Measures the stated objectives with performance-based criteria

     Creates immediate improvement in professional writing capabilities

Customizes seminars to suit needs

EBEacademy is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Training, colleges and universities.