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Why is it so important to learn English for use in business?

English has been firmly established as the universal language of business. Initially, this may have been due in part to the dominance of English as the language of computers and of the Internet. A common business language makes doing business on an international scale seamless. And, given the number of languages from various countries doing business, communication without a common language would be a challenge.

Why choose Essential Business English for corporate training?

First, Essential Business English (EBE) has a unique and proven method of teaching that will allow for immediate improvement in English language writing proficiency. The methodology is based on years of teaching Business English to adults in a college environment. The training is in seminar format with direct instruction and interaction. The instructors are Business English teaching specialists.

Why not use one of the many Internet-based training programmes available?

These programmes are not necessarily put together by qualified, certified teachers with college-level teaching credentials. Often these so-called educational institutions are really in the business of selling software. There is no substitute for an experienced professional instructor in front of a seminar group conducting a thoroughly customized learning program that meets the immediate needs of the group. With direct instruction, the opportunity for one-on-one assistance is ever-present, and there is immediate feedback for practice exercises.

Do employees have to lose valuable work time to participate in a training seminar?

Typically these seminars are considered professional development, and thus time away from work to partake in this training is viewed as time well spent. However, seminars can be arranged outside of work hours or segmented within the work day to minimize work interruption. For example, our 12-hour course in offered in four three-hour segments once a week.

Does the EBE program include TESL teaching?

No. Although the Essential Business English training is designed for both native and nonnative speakers of English, trainees must have a solid working level of English proficiency.

Is the Essential Business English programme expensive?

This is a value-for-money program and very affordable. The client gets direct instruction from an experienced, academically qualified instructor. The cost of the program will vary according to the size of the seminar group, the frequency of instruction, and the type of program given. In addition, each participant receives a complimentary copy of The Essential Handbook For Business Writing and The EBE Skills Book, which works page-by-page with The Handbook.

Is The Essential Handbook for Business Writing available for purchase?

Yes. The price of the handbook is $35.00 with a 15% discount for a bulk purchase of 30 or more copies.

Is customization of The Essential Handbook for Business Writing an option with a bulk purchase?

The Handbook can be customized many ways. For example, the covers can be customized to include a corporate logo and corporate colours. The inside covers are available for corporate messages or promotions. The Essential Handbook for Business Writing comes in two formats at the same price: perfect bound and coil bound.

(We recommend coil binding for easy use.)

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