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good writing is good business

The key to excellence in business writing does not depend merely on a thorough knowledge of grammar; it does not depend simply on the adherence to style elements of good writing; it does not rely solely on knowing the purpose of writing. Writing excellence in business is attained by a balanced blend of all of these.                                                                                     

                                                                                                                        Desmond Gilling, Director, EBE Academy



professional business

writing programmes


We offer a professional and affordable  business writing course. This professional development initiative covers the basics of grammar, usage, syntax, and sentence and paragraph structure. The submission of a variety of business writing tasks complemented by one-on-one instruction and follow-up is an integral part of our training process.


We use The Essential Handbook For Business Writing complemented by our specially designed workbook. In addition to  these primary resources, we work with numerous writing samples including submissions by participants. One-to-one instruction is a vital part of our training process as is immediate on-line feedback on all writing submissions.


Our instructors are certified teachers, members of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), and English Specialists with experience in adult education. Our professional development business writing course is affordable, efficient, and customizable to suit the needs of our clients.

We offer both on-site and off-site training sessions.


With the emergence of English as the official language of business worldwide, it is critical that business writers produce clear, concise communication. In business, writing tasks may range from a simple memorandum to detailed proposals and reports. However, regardless of the simplicity or the complexity of a piece of written communication, the principles of excellent writing must be observed. Written communication is like a corporate ambassador: companies will be judged by the professionalism evident in their business writing.

EBEacademy is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Training, colleges and universities.

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